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Community Involvement, Giving back to the Community

Community Projects both at home and International
In 1992, we eddied out at the bottom of the Royal Flush Canyon on the Bio Bio River of Chile and looked back upstream one last time trying to create a final memory of this incredible river. Royal Flush Canyon would be under water in less than five years.

While the international effort to save the Bio Bio River was unsuccessful, having been there for most of the duration of the project left an imprint on us--and the company we would soon create, Endless River Adventures.

Since the Bio Bio, we have paddled "one last time" too many sections of rivers lost to dams and water management plans throughout latin america. Ironically, back in western North Carolina, we have been involved in three relicensing projects--one in which life was brought back to the Cheoah River; Cheoah being a river that had been a dry river bed for seventy years. All these experiences have helped form the vision behind Endless River Adventures.

Both locally and internationally, we understand that we cannot "tell" someone else how they should manage their natural resources, but we can act as ambassadors. By reaching out and acting as ambassadors for the rivers, we hold out hope that a community will be able to make more educated decisions about the fate of their natural resources.

Through our T-Shirt Campaign in both Costa Rica and Ecuador, and the generosity of our paddling friends who not only donate a contribution to the program in exchange for a tshirt, but load up suitcases full of additional school supplies, back packs and treats, we have hopefully turned our paddling trips into more than just a fun vacation, but a way to make a small impact on the communities we pass through on the way to the rivers.

Costa Rica Whitewater Tshirt Project

We have been sharing Costa Rica with friends since 1990; and the tradition of a custom t-shirt design started soon after! Using our t-shirt program, we have worked to bring attention to the fragile future of many of our favorite runs through a combination of the following projects:

  • Financial support of local river conservation funds
  • Hosting local high school students on Pacuare River Raft Trips
  • Bringing school supplies to under-funded schools located near rivers we paddle
  • Sponsoring the Silor Escuela de Esenanza Especial de Turrialba, the special needs school in Turrilaba, Costa Rica.
  • Encouragin our guests to take the initiative to contribute their ouw share of school supplies brought from home.

Ecuador Whitewater Tshirt Project

Following in the tradition of our Costa Rica Trip TShirt Program, we have a specially-designed trip shirt for each year's Ecuador trips.  We ask each trip participant to donate $20 for the shirt, with the proceeds going towards a special project each year.  Projects in Ecuador have included:
  • Support for the Ecuadorian River Institute's Annual Napo River Festival
  • Supporting community projects such as river clean ups and land fill renovation
  • Adopting a local school within one of the regions we paddle and bringing them well-needed school supplies 

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