This Just In – Dakine!

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Coming soon to Endless River Adventures – DAKINE!

Are you looking for a blend of fashion and function to get you boofing with style in every sense of the word? Then we’ve got the brand for you! We are so excited to be adding Dakine to our retail line-up this season! And for good reason.

As described by adventure photographer Nathan Hughes, just as Sony is to sound and Budweiser is to beer, Dakine is a name inseparably intertwined with extreme sports. Spanning the holy trinity that is snow, water and dirt for 35 years, the company continues to nurture some of the World’s most idolized athletes and create their must-have equipment for snow-capped peaks to sandy-river beaches. With that said, Dakine is all about making “gear for people who love being on the mountain or in the water enough to have figured out a way to spend their lives doing it.” And if Dakine is the brand for professionals, then we think the pieces we have chosen to carry this season will be perfect for you too! Let me tell you why; the proof is in the pudding (aka – product descriptions)!

Featured Dakine items for women:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.36.15 PM Luana Rashguard – A classic staple for your river wardrobe, the  Launa offers a longer length for more coverage, a front and back  shirttail hem and raglan sleeves with flatlock stitching to create a  comfortable essential. Constructed using a unique microfiber blend  for a silky-smooth feel, this quick-drying rash guard has excellent  UPF 50+ sun protection making it the perfect choice for a sunny day  on the river. 

 Alohi Tech Tank – Whether you’re rafting, kayaking or SUP-ing this  body-hugging racerback tank allows for ease in movement and the  built in bra makes it ideal for added support. Flatlock seams for  ultimate comfort, quick-drying and constructed from UPF 50+ fabric  excels this tank from fashionable to functional!

Featured Dakine items for men:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.36.31 PM

Stacked Board Shorts – Take kayaking in comfort to the next level with these light weight 4-way stretch board shorts. You are sure to love the Comfort Close Fly with its no rash internal binding. The back pocket has an autolocking coil zipper and internal drainage making for a stress free day on the river. 

Bands Loose Fit Rashguard – From Dakine’s ‘Split peak’ series, this 5 oz quick drying nylon shirt has UPF 30+ sun protection and ‘covert’ low profile seams for use in or out of the water!

In addition to these featured board shorts and rash guards we will be carrying belts, wallets and some casual pieces in our Boater’s Store.

DAKINE HITS THE SHELVES APRIL 2015!! Stop in and pick up what is sure to be your new favorite piece of river gear for this season. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.36.42 PM For more on the Dakine inside scoop & behind the scenes  material check out:

 Inside Dakine  – At Home in Hood River 2014



Why We Love Dakine:Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.10.19 PM

Because it combines fashion and function so you can look good on the     water too!

Because Dakine it is a tried and true brand that has been a leader & innovator of extreme sports apparel for 35 years!

Because like us, their employees live and breath the outdoors which means they can monitor their products in action, ultimately generating only a superior line-up.

Endless River Adventures 


For these reasons we are awarding Dakine with our ‘New Age’ title for 2015!

This Just In- Farm to Feet!

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Coming Soon to Endless River Adventures – Farm to Feet!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.09.40 PMNew in our Boater’s Store for 2015 – NC’s own Farm-To-Feet socks! We are always looking at new and innovative gear that will help you be more comfortable on the river and Farm-to-Feet Socks are just the ticket for keeping your feet warm. Plus they are 100% American made and environmentally friendly.

Farm to Feet™ is a 100% American brand committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US materials, US manufacturing, and US workers. Their supply chain is completely within the U.S. which ensures that the highest quality of materials are used in their socks. This also means that their manufacturing has as little impact on the environment as possible.

The wool yarn is sourced from the American Sheep Industry ranches located throughout the western United States. Once sheared, the wool is transported to the east coast and is processed into yarn within 300 miles of their sustainability-focused manufacturing facility in Mt. Airy, NC. That’s right, these socks are made right here in North Carolina! It doesn’t get much better than that to go from the Farm to Feet™. Additionally, Farm To Feet™ goes a step beyond its completely American wool supply chain to also source all its nylon, elastic, packaging and point-of-sale displays domestically – thus making Farm To Feet™ 100% American. 

Farm To Feet™ has four collections of socks for both men and women in a variety of styles and colors: Everyday Series, Adventure Hike Series, Adventure Sport Series, Sporting Series.

Featured sock for women:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.09.52 PMThe Greensboro Crew – is a multi-sport sock that doesn’t care whether you want it for style or function – it’ll bring both, no questions asked. This women’s sports sock features comfort compression from the Achilles through the arch for a secure fit, with full-density internal cushioning for improved wicking and shock absorption. In other words, you should be set bouncing around from rock-to-rock in this supportive sock or meticulously scouting that infamous rapid. Lightweight, breathable, naturally antibacterial (there’s nothing worse than a smelly foot!) 100% US-grown merino wool keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, thanks to its proven temperature-regulating properties. And what does that mean? – you can indulge in whitewater year round. Score!

Featured sock for men:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.10.03 PM

The Hickory – The Hickory is a heavyweight over-the-calf sock designed to be worn inside waders, featuring a precision fit that makes it supremely compatible with tailored stockingfoot designs. Zoned, hidden-plait construction creates comfortable compression from the arch up the shaft to keep legs feeling fresh after a long day of casting, bushwhacking, and walking, and itch-free, 100% US-grown merino wool provides temperature regulation, maintaining its insulating warmth even when wet. So when the overhangs start bearing icicles and the casual anglers are in the basement tying deceivers, you’ll be on the water, ripping lips with warm feet and the river all to yourself.

Why We Love Farm-To-Feet:Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.10.19 PM

Because what’s not to love about a brand this is 100% made in America!

Because the temperature regulating properties of Farm-To-Feet socks are just what every paddler needs to keep warm, even when wet.

Because they’ve got a sock for every adventure, not matter how big or small.

Endless River Adventures        


For these reasons we are awarding Farm-to-Feet with our ‘Proud to be an American’ title for 2015!

We Are All About Kids!

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Professional river staff follow the same rule they preach to the folks they share river time with:  you do not teach those you love to kayak – particularly your own children.  The rules are simple:

  • Allow your kids to love kayaking for themselves, not for you
  • Avoid creating  “performance pressure”  – setting up your kids to get frustrated because they are not learning fast enough…which leads them to believe they cannot reach your expectations, misinterpreting your frustration because you are not communicating well enough.
  • Never forget that paddling with kids is not the same as paddling with adults; you aspire to be a kid at heart, your kids are kids.

So what do professional river staff do when they in turn have kids?  That was the question we asked four years ago.  Identifying that we had a whole group of friends—all of whom were/still are professional river staff/guides/Olympic names, with kids about the same age (10+/- years old) who needed to get into boating, we offered to take over the “wet exit part” of kayaking offering a special Community Kids Camp.

Now in its third season, our Community Kids Camp includes a group of kids all of whom have parents with names that resonate through the annals of southeastern paddling.  Friendships among the parents have spilled over to friendships among the kids.  Reunions have rekindled friendships, Grand Canyon trips have happened, and Endless River Adventures started staff training at an early age!  The group gets together two times a summer to work with our staff (while the parents sneak away to paddle/bike/read a book for a couple of days).

The experience has been so positive that the community insisted we create a second age tier for the younger crew (the 6-years olds +/-).  Originally called the pee-wee group, we have renamed it to the Young Guns group.


This has been such a positive, gratifying experience for Endless River Adventures that when the Nantahala Race Club (NRC) offered the opportunity to co-sponsor the Nantahala Kids Club last year, we embraced it.  The Nantahala Kids Club has provided the opportunity to introduce kayaking to the local Swain County Community; river staff families are involved, as are families whom include parents who have never desired to paddle, but kids who do.  Meeting one afternoon a week for six weeks in the spring and fall, the Nantahala Kids Club has expanded to a two-tiered program: one being fun paddling that focuses on fun and social networking, the second feeding those same kids into more competitive-oriented training for slalom and freestyle.

Is our kids’ kayak program only for our close-knit community? Absolutely not! Our expanded paddling community reaches out to the entire boating community.  The annual 4th of July Kids Week is one of the most popular kids weeks of the season, and has expanded to additional dates to accommodate those who cannot join us over the 4th holiday.

The sound of little feet racing around at the outpost is heart-warming for us, as is the grateful look of our friends/parents, who return at the end of the day after a well-deserved break! We are inspired by the fact that many of the young paddlers we have introduced to paddling have returned to be valuable team members here at Endless River Adventures—to teach the next generation of young paddlers!

Nantahala Open Raffle Best Yet!

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Nantahala Open Raffle

What’s So Great About AT Paddles

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AT=Adventure Technology




Technology” is the operative word in a brand that prides itself on cutting-edge technology and thinking outside the box.  Thinking outside the box is particularly necessary when trying to come up with “something new” in the fairly complacent industry of kayak paddles. So what did AT do to catch our attention and make us proud to call them one of our partners?

It started with bent shaft paddles.  They reinvented the bent shaft paddle.  In the reinvention they created a flared egg-shaped grip that is more ergonomic. What does that mean to you? The grip ratio of palm of your hand to shaft is improved.  And it just feels better.  Additionally, AT’s bent shaft features a dual-axis bend which allows your hand position to be positioned with a slight downward angle (like the handlebars on a mountain bike or an ergonomic keyboard).

So then AT started thinking about straight shaft paddles. Reluctantly.  (There was a time when they thought everyone should use a bent shaft).  The feeling was they did not want to just reinvent the wheel and come out with nothing more than what was already on the market.  So product manager Hastings Blumer and his team thought outside the box and by the time it was done, came up with a new, state-of-the-art paddle series.


What’s so state-of-the-art about AT’s newest series of paddles?  Duraweave. Yep – a whole new patent-pending material that is the core material in AT’s Advanced Series whitewater paddles.  What is Duraweave? A specific combination of multiple composite fibers including Carbon, Fiberglass, and Innegra that increases durability without increasing weight. Add duraweave to paddles and what do you get?

  • Increased durability
  • Improved blade durability and impact resistance
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Improved secondary strength – If a shaft happens to crack, duraweave prevents the crack from spreading and greatly reduces the likelihood that it will break into two pieces
  • Minimized need to multi-layer composite parts

What does that mean for a paddle?  Stronger, lighter, better. Want to know more? Check out the AT video about Duraweave…..

Now – did the first round of this new state-of-the-art design have trouble. Oh yeah, blades fell off on some of the paddles.  Not good!  But AT took the steps to recall every paddle that had been delivered last spring despite the fact that the issue was isolated to a small portion.  Why? Because it was the right thing to do and safety is always the top priority. What caused it? Little lack of quality control.  Is it fixed? Sure was.  AT was surely not going to make that mistake again!

Are AT Paddles “Made in America”?

Okay paddling community! It is time to clarify “made in America.” And where AT stands in that definition.

AT manufacturers all their components in North America – split between the U.S. and Mexico.  None of their components come from China.  The paddles are then assembled in their factory less than 10 miles south of the border in Mexico.  So per the definition of “made in America” AT paddles are not.  Do a little research and you will learn that neither are some of the brands that proudly claim “made in America.”  Import data for everything brought into the US since 2002 is public information.  As much as we would love to see AT paddles manufactured in South Carolina like Wave Sport boats are, it is not economically viable.

We applaud AT for coming out with something new. Something better.  Something interesting in the world of kayaking.  And for that reason – we carry AT paddles in our boating store.





Learning to Fly Fish

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Of course you want to learn to fly fish! It is the perfect sport to get outdoors, enjoy being by the river, and spend time with your best bud – whether that bud is your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend or just you. Our two-day fly fishing clinics will prep you for enjoying this great sport.

Beginning Fly Fishing Clinic.  Two day intensive clinic covering equipment, casting, entomology and best of all catching and handling fish.  Limited to eight students.

Dates: April 18-19  &  May 9-10

Cost: $300 per person, includes your guide and mentor, fly fishing equipment and lunches.  Fishing time will be spent learning on the Nantahala River.  If you decide you want to join the fly fishing club, as a course participant you will receive a special 25% discount on a quality fly fishing package. You will need a NC Fishing License with Trout Stamp to participate.

Call us today to register for this

Help make Tallulah Successful!

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Help make Tallulah 2015 successful!

Volunteering for Tallulah is a win-win!

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Volunteer for Tallulah! i

Make sure you check out our 2015-16 trips….

Start Dreaming! International trips dates for 2015

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Start Dreaming about Your Next Adventure!

Start Dreaming about your trip to Costa Rica or Ecuador this year!

The 2015 Costa Rica and 2015/early2016 Ecuador dates are available.  Let us help you start planning your adventure with us.  Want to know how much fun the trips are? Check out photos on our Facebook page.  And complete albums from our trips on our photo site.

Sign up before May 1st and you will get $50 off your trip this year.
Deposit for the trip is $350.

2015 Whitewater Events Calendar

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Races, Competitions, Freestyle, Slalom, Nantahala Open, Festivals, Cheoah Release, Tallulah Release, 2015 Whitewater Kayak Events

Locust Fork Invitational
Feb 7 & Feb 8, 2015
The Alabama Cup Races bring together three of the favorite events of the southeast: the Locust Fork Invitational, Mulberry Cup Race and Locust Fork Classic. The Locust Fork Invitational, since 1991, is the first of the three events to be held in the spring of 2014. And Endless River Adventures is proud to support the Race series!!

Nantahala Racing Club Glacier Breaker
Feb 28 & Mar 01, 2015
The Glacier Breaker, hosted by the Nanhahala Racing Club (NRC), is the season-opener for two competitive whitewater disciplines: slalom and downriver.  A complete schedule of events and details can be found at NRC Events page.  This community whitewater event s fun for all ages and ability levels. Come and participate, or just watch if it is too chilly for you!!

National Paddling Film Festival
Feb 20 & Feb 21, 2015
For 30+ years the National Paddling Film Festival has been hosting a competition to determine the best in paddle sport videos and images. This competition has provided the paddling community with a fun and profitable event to support American Whitewater and river conservation. Check out the website for more on the 2014 event.

Cheoah River Release
Feb 21, 2015
First release of the 2015 season.  Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates. 

Mulberry Fork Canoe & Kayak Race
March 7 & 8, 2015
The second event in the Alabama Cup Races, the Mulberry Fork Race has been held on Alabama’s Mulberry Fork River since 1981 and has hosted the likes of Olympic slalom athletes and local recreational boaters paddling side-by-side through the slalom gates.  See the Alabama Race Club Events page for more information. Endless River Adventures will be there. We hope you are too! 

Georgia Canoe Association Pool Session
March 9, 2015
ERA (aka Juliet) will make a guest appearance at the Monday night GCA pool session.  Any opportunity to practice your roll is a good one, and Juliet will take the opportunity to touch on a few principles that are key regardless of the roll you do.  Check the GCA website for time and place of their Monday sessions. 

Cheoah River Release
March 21 & 22, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

Ocoee River
 Opening Day
March 21, 2015
After a winter hiatus, the Ocoee River will opening again for the 2015 season.  Check here for the Middle Ocoee Release Schedule and for the Upper Ocoee Release Schedule. 

Bank of America / NRC US Whitewater Open
March 28 & 29, 2015
Watch world-class paddlers compete in both downriver and slalom competitions in the season’s first major competitive event.  This national-level slalom and downriver race on the Nantahala River is suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers.  A complete schedule of events and details can be found at on the Nantahala Race Club’s NRC Events Page.

Locust Fork Classic
March 28 & 29, 2015
Finishing up the Alabama Cup Series and determining the winners of the combined events, the Locust Fork Classic is a great way to finish out the series.  See the Alabama Race Club Events page for more information.

Tallulah River Release
April 4 & Apr 5, 2015
First of only two spring weekend releases. Don’t miss out on this beautiful river!

Cheoah River Release
April 11 & April 12, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates

Tallulah Fest
April 11 & April 12, 2015
Coinciding with the 2nd spring weekend releases, the 5th Tallulah Fest celebrates the release of the Tallulah Falls Gorge. Boof with the best and party with the greatest.

Cheoah River Release
April 11 & April 12, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates

West Fork Tuckasegee River Release
April 18 & April 19, 2015
First of the 2015 West Fork Tuckasegee River Release dates. Check out the complete schedule of releases…

11th Annual Wave Sport Nantahala Open
April 25, 2015
The Nantahala Open has gained the reputation as the number one favorite fun competition on the Nantahala River. The event happens at Nantahala Falls and is open to all boaters no matter the experience or ability, consisting of categories for every skill level–and the prizes that go along with them! The event is sponsored by Endless River Adventures and Wave Sport kayaks. Highlight this weekend on your calendar to participate in the Nantahala Open and the fun following the river. And make sure to follow updates on the Open on Facebook!

Cascades and Upper Nantahala Release
April 25 & April 26, 2015
First of the coveted Upper Nantahala and Cascades scheduled releases of the 2014 season.Check out the complete schedule of releases… 

Cheoah River Release
April 25 & April 26, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates

NOC Spring Splash
April 25 & April 26, 2015
The Nantahala Gorge will not be lacking for things to do this weekend!!  In addition to the Nantahala Open, Cascades/Upper Release, and Cheoah, there will be lots of great activities at NOC’s Spring Splash.  For more information check out NOC’s events page.

NRC Slalom Series
April 26, 2015
This family-friendly slalom event hosted by Nantahala Racing Club is suitable for all ability levels. Fun and supportive, the NRC Slalom Series offers a great introduction to racing. Organizers review slalom rules and offer handy racing tips, and NRC members have the opportunity to walk the course with an NRC coach.

Nantahala Kids Club Spring Session
April 20, 2015
The spring session of the Nantahala Kids Club begins. Six weeks of sessions.  A complete schedule of events and details can be found on the Nantahala Race Club’s NRC Youth Page

Cheat Fest
May 02, 2015
The annual Cheat River Festival is a celebration of new life, that which comes each Spring and the new life that can be found in the Cheat River watershed. “Cheat Fest” is FOC’s main annual fundraiser which helps advance their watershed projects and supports the organization’s administrative costs.  Rain or shine, Cheat Fest is always a good time!

Cheoah River Release
May 16 & May 17, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

West Fork Tuckasegee River Release
May 23, 2015
2015 West Fork Tuckasegee River Summer Release dates. Check out the complete schedule of releases…

Cheoah River Release
May 30 & May 31, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

Cascades and Upper Nantahala Release
June 19, 2015
The June release date for the Upper Nantahala/Cascades.  For a complete schedule of release dates….

West Fork Tuckasegee River Release
June 20, 2015
2015 West Fork Tuckasegee River Summer Release dates. Check out the complete schedule of releases… 

Cheoah River Release
June 27 & June 28, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

Cascades and Upper Nantahala Release
July 2nd, 2015
July 2nd the release will run from 4 pm to 7 pm.Check our website for a complete list of release dates for 2014. 

West Fork Tuckasegee River Release
July 4, 2015
2015 West Fork Tuckasegee River Summer Release dates. Check out the complete schedule of releases…

Camp Cup Challenge
July 14th & 15th, 2014
The Nantahala River is a highlight for summer campers who come to whitewater raft, canoe and kayak.  A long-time favorite event for summer campers, the Camp Cup Challenge was revitalized four years ago by Sean and Kristin Bierle of the Alzar School. The event brings together over 100 summer campers from a multitude of summer camp programs in western North Carolina who boast whitewater kayak and canoe programs.  Event highlights include a downriver race through Nantahala Falls in canoes, kayaks and C-1s, a slalom race at the Nantahala Bridge Gates, with campers being supported by a host of guest coaches including our own Juliet.

Cascades and Upper Nantahala Release
July 17, 2015
July 17 the release will run from 4 pm to 7 pm. Check our website for a complete list of release dates.

2015 Junior Olympics
July 24 – July 26, 2015
Hosted by the Nantahala Racing Club (NRC).Meet other paddling youth from around the country at this three-day youth whitewater festival on the Nantahala River featuring freestyle, slalom, downriver, SUP and more! See the NRC website for more details.

West Fork Tuckasegee River Release
Aug 1, 2015
West Fork Tuck River Summer Release dates. Check out the complete schedule of releases… 

ICF Junior & U23 Wildwater Canoeing World Championships
Aug 2 – Aug 7, 2015
The International Canoe Federation’s wildwater canoeing world championships provides juniors and young adults with the oportunity to compete internationally in the wildwater discepline. Wildwater racing consists of indiduals and teams racing from one point on the river to another point.

Cascades and Upper Nantahala Release
August 14, 2015
The release will run from 4 pm to 7 pm. Check our website for a complete list of release dates.

Cheoah River Release
Sept 12, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

Gauley Fest
Sept. 19 & 20, 2015
Join Endless River Adventures at the AW event of the year: Gauley Fest. All proceeds from the festival support American Whitewater’s river conservation and access works throughout the nation. The festival is a showcase for American Whitewater and the top whitewater vendors in the boating community. The festival will feature live entertainment, a whitewater marketplace, raffle, and a silent auction where you can pick up some awesome outdoor gear. Come out and join us for a weekend of great paddling, exciting camaraderie, live entertainment, killer boat raffles, and the infamous silent auction.  Check the American Whitewater Website for more details.

Cascades and Upper Nantahala Release
Sept 26 & Sept 27, 2015
On Sept 26th the release will run from 10 am to 5 pm and on Sept 27th, from 10 am to 5 pm. Check our our website for a complete list of release dates.

NOC Guest Appreciation Festival
Sept 25 – Sept 27, 2015
For more information visit NOC’s website.

ACA Collegiate Race Series National Championships
Oct 31 – Nov 01, 2015
This is the premier event for colleges and universities from across the country to compete in canoe and kayak downriver racing.  There will be individual as well as team races in kayak and both solo and tandem canoes. Whether you have an experienced paddling program or one that is just starting up, attendance at the National Championships will provide camaraderie, networking, and of course all the fun associated with racing!  More importantly, once a student experiences the fun and excitement of paddlesports they will be able to carry those skills and enthusiasm past their collegiate years and develop it into a family and lifetime activity. Check out the ACA website for registration and details….

Cheoah River Release
Oct 03, 2015
Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

Cheoah River Release
Nov 7, 2015
Final Release for 2015!  Check out our website for a complete list of 2015 release dates.

Tallulah Release
TBD, 2015
First of three Fall weekend releases. Don’t miss out on this beautiful river.

Tallulah River Release
Nov 7 & Nov 8, 2015
Second Fall weekend releases. Don’t miss out on this beautiful river.

Tallulah River Release
Nov 15th & Nov 16th, 2014
Third Fall weekend releases. Don’t miss out on this beautiful river.