by era Steve

I don’t claim to be the world’s best playboater. Loops, sure cartwheels, ok, but my passion is river running. I love to surf and occasionally have been known to drop into holes on the fly to get a quick rodeo ride in. I guess I enjoy playing, but I also like to run rivers in a comfortable and predictable boat. I loved the EZG series and was saddened when I heard they were discontinuing it. I would paddle the EZG 50 for fun, and loved the 60 to guide and run harder rivers in. It was a great series of boats that felt comfy and played well. Again I was bummed to hear of the loss. Until that is I got a hold of the new Fuse prototypes.

I got the prototypes of the smaller and bigger of the series of three that will come in 48, 56, and I think 64 or 67 gallons. There will be a Fuse for everyone! I took the boats to the roll clinic at WCU and the buzz began from the other folks there. The thing looks like a great play boat with some great river running features. After bow stalling and cart-wheeling the night away in the pool, I was super stoked to be in such a comfy boat that I could throw around so easy. It squirted smoothly, transitioned smoothly end to end while cart-wheeling, and rolled without incident. Very similar to the EZG, yet with a little more comfort for someone my size, that fell a little in the middle of the EZG series sizes.

After some great pool time, I decided the boat must be “tested” on the river. This year has been very promising in the way of rivers and them actually having water. The Cheoah has been running every day at at least 600 cfs which provides great fun through the last two miles of the run. Laps have been the norm for this steep tight river run and I figured that it was the perfect “testing” ground. I was right! The Fuse wave-wheeled and squirted everywhere that I wanted to, but it stayed on line and was predictable when I needed it too. Boofs–no problem, and stability running the low water creek line through the middle of Bear Creek falls proved easy tasks in the Fuse. It really felt like a more playful Diesel.

So I guess what I’m saying is I will get over losing the EZG’s and can’t wait to get into the Fuse. One boat to do it all. Well, minus maybe steep creeking, but I already own a Habitat which if you haven’t tried one of these yet you should. It will change what you define as your limits.

Once again I have found a way to owe my soul to the company store. That’s o.k. though, I had nothing better to do with it anyway.

See you on the river in my new Fuse this spring.

Low Down on the Stats:
The FUSE 48
Length 6’4″
Width 24.5″
Gallons 48
Cockpit 33.5″ x 19″
Deck Height 12.45″
Paddler Weight Range 100-160

Length 6’8″
Width 25″
Gallons 56
Cockpit 33.5 x 19″
Deck Height 12.9″
Paddler Weight Range 140-210

Length 7′
Width 26″
Gallons 64