Dry Suit Rental Program

Need a dry suit but not ready to purchase?  Take advantage of our dry suit rental program.

We now offer rental dry suits for those of you not prepared to drop the big bucks.
Our dry suits are Immersion Research, and run from size small to size xxl.

Dry Suit Rental Rates
1 DAY RENTAL – $50
3-DAY RENTAL – $120
7 DAY RENTAL – 165



A day rental is defined as 24 hours or until 9AM the following morning.  We will charge an automatic $50 to your credit card if the rental is out past 9AM the following morning as it will inconvenience the next person coming to rent.   ALL dry suit rentals must be secured with a credit card and a copy of the customer’s Driver License.

We expect these suits to be used in a whitewater environment. A little wear is normal. However, if you tear the suit, rip a gasket, or destroy the socks, you’ll be responsible for covering the damage or full retail cost of the suit (this decision will be up to the staff member in charge of return). You are responsible for any lost equipment while in their possession. The extent of the liability will be limited to the wholesale cost and freight charges for the product.

We ask that you wear shoes or booties over top of dry suit socks. Dry suit socks are made to keep you dry but are not designed for walking around without shoes. Walking or even standing in dry suit socks can damage them and cause leaks. When changing into your drysuit, take care to stand on a tarp, carpet square, Tupperware lid, or a floor mat from your car.

Want to know more about caring for a dry suit?  Check out our notes about dry suit care.

Still wondering what kind of dry suit to purchase?  Check out Immersion Research’s help on choosing a dry suit.