Group Adventures

Where To Stay

Our location in the Nantahala Gorge is the perfect destination for groups wanting to get outside and do something fun together.  Partnering up with local accommodations, we can set up a one-day or multi-day group experience. 

Our staff can help you create a custom itinerary for your group that includes outdoor activities, dining experiences and recommendations for lodging that will work for your group.  If one day is all you have for your group to do something outdoors together, we can work with you to maximize the experience and make the most of the time you have with a whitewater rafting trip.

Excited about the possibility of offering your group something special during their time in western North Carolina? Call us to discuss options at 828-488-6199 or contact us at your convenience.

The kind of groups that have joined us for whitewater rafting and more include:


  • Church Groups for both youth and full membership.
  • Weddings – in particular bachelor and bachelorette outings as well as 1/2 day raft trips during the wedding weekend. 
  • School & University Groups – for rafting and custom whitewater kayaking programs.
  • Sports Teams – using rafting as a team building, orientation experience.
  • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts – with rafting on the Nantahala and Ocoee, as well as custom whitewater kayaking opportunities and badge work.
  • Family Reunions – whether large or small reunions, adding a raft trip, or offering fly fishing or kayaking is a bonus.
  • Corporate Teams – for the boss who is looking to reward his team with a special day of rafting.
  • Special Events – whether a get-together for a group looking to spend time riding Tail of the Dragon or biking at Tsali, adding a raft trip or a special lake kayak tour can make the event even more memorable.

Ready For Your Group Adventure?

Group Leader Checklist

  • Call us to reserve your date and time. Call us at 800-224-7238 and reserve your time and date. We will need an estimate of the number of participants.
  • Share the trip information. Post the trip on social media/bulletin board/group email with trip information for folks. Make sure and include our name and phone number in case individuals have questions. In addition, make note of restrictions for the specific river.
  • Prepare a signup sheet to keep track of everyone.
  • Payment. We give you two options: one payment in full following our deadlines dates, or opt for individuals to call in under the reservation name and pay for their individual reservation. The full payment balance will be due 2 weeks before the trip date.
  • Collect waivers ahead of time. Collect signed trip waivers from everyone who wishes to attend. You can download them here.  This will make day-of check-in run much more smoothly. Note: there is a different waiver for minors. We highly recommend that you have the minor’s legal guardian or responsible adult sign the waiver ahead of time. A responsible adult may sign for a minor day-of if not done ahead of time.
  • Keep track of your deadlines. If the group is calling in to pay individually, touch base with us a week before the deadline date in case you need to do a reminder announcement out to the group. At the deadlines date, we will work with you on confirming the final number and canceling any extra spots on the trip.
  • Our trips do go rain or shine. Do not let folks worry over advanced weather predictions as they are typically wrong.  We provide splash jackets and complimentary wetsuits if it looks like it will be a cloudy/rainy day. There are specific cancellation policies for each of the activities we provide. There will be no refunds for those who cancel after the cancellation period.