Just something that popped back into my head about how kayaking helped me in my job interview – by Sarah Machinist

When I interviewed for the position that I just got they (my interview was 3 people interviewing me at once) were taking turns asking me about facing challenges, difficult work situations, etc. The paddling thing had come up at the beginning of my interview, because my only South Carolina related experience was the time I paddled the Chattooga. So when they asked me if I had ever been faced with something that was beyond my experience or comfort level and how I dealt with the situation, I said that I hadn’t had that experience professionally, but proceeded to explain sitting at the top of a new rapid where walking around it was not an option. (I had a time we were on the Ocoee and I looked at one of the rapids forever in my head.)

My solution was to make a plan – because you know you have the skills to run the rapid, take a big breath, smile – because it will make the experience much better, run the rapid perfectly, and make sure there is someone to high five at the bottom.

They seemed to like my answer pretty well and the smile part is definitely something that I can still hear and see you telling me to do.

Have a great day,