My paddling definitely went through a number of phases:

 In the beginning of my paddling:

I recognized that kayaking was not a hobby or a sport but a lifestyle

I was finished playing one competitive sport and needed something new to do.

I rafted the Ocoee and wanted to learn what “those” people [the ones in the kayaks] were doing.

It sure looked simple yet I soon found out that it took time to master the skills

In the middle stage of my paddling:

I wanted to become as good as I could as quickly as I could.

I tried to get out in my boat 4-5 days a week

I tried to be super competitive with other females I paddled with.

I wanted to be the best.


I consider myself a very solid boater-but do other sports (mainly biking) also.

I am not too concerned about being competitive anymore.

I am much more concerned with being a smooth, solid, confident boater

I enjoy being on the water but who I am boating with makes the day!

Kayaking is still part of my lifestyle though!


How do I feel about there being more women paddlers now?

I think it is awesome to see so many female paddlers now.

Lots of times I just wanted to paddle with females and I had no one to go with.  I had to go with the boys.  Now, I have more female paddling buddies and it is great!  We share similar experiences, feelings, etc… and can relate to one another.  The synergy created by a group of women paddlers is untouchable!