Surf’s up in Costa Rica!


Costa Rica is land-locked.

That was the beta for the first few years paddling here.  Not because we could not look at a map and know better…but because we had so much paddling to do in the mountains of Costa Rica, there just flat out was not time to paddle anywhere else!  And then one day we went to the beach. And the surf was up. And we had our kayaks.  And things changed….

Starting out a week of kayaking with some awesome beach time

Heading to the beach is now a favorite part of our Class II and Class III trips here in Costa Rica. Surfing the waves at the beach is a great warm up!

Heading out to catch some surf!

For many Class II-Class III paddlers, by late November/early December paddling time has slowed down. To jump back in a boat and hit the river  for a week without much of a warm-up can work on the confidence. So heading out into the surf, getting chundered/surfed/roll/paddle around is the perfect warm up!

Warming up for a great week of paddling with some surf time

Many of the waves we surf at the beach are bigger than what we will find on the river - taking some of the intimidation away once we hit the river.


Rolling, chundering, getting past the break, having fun at the beach!


kayak Costa Rica: Class II-Class III fun!

and when it is time to take a break, you are at the beach. It is like a vacation!!


Then again, sometimes the surf is REALLY big!!

coming in from a great day of surfing right at sunset is priceless



How often do you catch a sunset like this after a day of paddling? You do in Costa Rica!

 Pura vida from here in Costa Rica!