Scouting week is always the lead in to our trips down south.  This past week we spent the week paddling every river we include on our itineraries, with three being the average – three rivers or sections a day. Average mileage was 20+ miles/day and we did not stop to sightsee much along the way.

Our 2013 Costa Rica Guides Daniel and Cooper.

On top of rerunning each section of river, we also spent time checking in with contacts for what the access points are about this year, new projects that might affect the rivers, and just re-networking with friends and contacts. It also gives Miguel a change to make sure the roads are all passable and that we don’t run into any surprises along the way.  Twenty two years here in Costa Rica, and you would think that a scouting week would not be necessary….but when the rivers change as much as they do here in Costa Rica, it is a mandatory part of our trip logistics. Here is why the rivers change so much…..

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