It started last fall when we took a chainsaw/sledgehammer combination to the upstairs wall and opened up the meeting room with a ten by five window.  Once open, it was unanimous that the meeting room needed to be the boat room, the previous boat display area the paddling gear center and next thing you know the upstairs became the hard-core paddling space!

Then it was time to go south for the winter. We returned from our Costa Rica/Ecuador season this spring to the pressing need of finishing what we started.  And after two months, are almost finished!  We recycled all our display units, rebuilt them (which gave Ken the chance to play with almost all his power tools!) and repainted them.

Now we just need to figure out how to retrain everyone that they now have two floors of store to check out when they stop by to say hi!

 Soon maybe we will figure out how to add photos to our postings and then really have a show!