If I had scrounged through my “clothes from the pastâ€? drawer, I could have pulled out numerous outfits that would have been quite in fashion Saturday at the French Broad River Festival! 

Okay, so maybe everything was not like the hippy festivals of the past; instead of  falafels there was reasonably priced food from Barley’s, Bearly Edible and Boudreaux’s Bayou bar-b-que and not Gerry’s four-fingered picking that got everyone swaying, but banjo-strumming blue grass from the Mountain Edge Bluegrass band that got the Appalachian hip hop vibes going… It was all good with the bandana’d dogs chasing frisbees,  a laid back attitude and a gorgeous western North Carolina day. 

If you shied away from the FBRF because of the price-tag, you choose poorly; five bands–beginning at noon and going through midnight, good people and good beer—it was well worth the price of admission.  Huck Finn Raft Company worked hard putting folks down the river and Pisgah Kayaking introduced newbies to kayaking.  Everything was done in a community spirit. 

Even we were there because it was a community event and if we all don’t support the community it won’t be there for us.  Next year is the French Broad River Festival’s 10th Anniversary www.frenchbroadriverfestival.com ,  Let’s all plan on being there!

PS – Why is it that a three-foot tall, sixty pound girl can stand in one spot and hoola hoop until she is bored, but a well-formed adult can do nothing more than one hip gyration before dropping the hoop to the ground? Anyone else have that experience?