Back in the late nineties I gave up being a video boater. Video boating sounds more glamorous than it really is. There is something about having to paddle downstream by yourself, jump out in squirrley eddies, and perch yourself on slippery rocks that is not so appealing after a time.  And then there was putting the videos together…

At that time you had to build videos from vcr to vcr—which added up to about 100 hours a video. I would return from South American in March and still be mailing out trip videos the day I was leaving for Costa Rica the next fall.  So, yea,  I had a loser social life. 

But a few years back we had a get-together with some friends in WDC.  Someone brought one of those original videos and I remembered how great it was to capture the memories of a trip forever!  So I was back in the video mode for our Costa Rica and Ecuador trips.  Even though it still takes me a while to get the videos out to folks (I am still working on Ecuador 2006!!)…it is worth the work and hopefully, worth the wait.

Which brings me to the Nantahala Open!!  We had a bit of a technical difficulty the night of the Open when the computer froze up right at show time.  But no worries! The 2006 Nantahala Open has been successfully memorialized in DVD form.  It was a lot of fun to put together —I had some good laughs reviewing the fun of the day.  But my biggest smile came from the camaraderie that was captured on film. The Nantahala is a special place and it was a great group on the river the day of the Nantahala Open!

Useless Trivia from the Nantahala Open and the 59 Participants:


Gender: 9 female/50 male paddlers
Boat Breakdown: 4 canoes, 2 duckies and 53 kayaks
Favorite Boat color: blue followed up by yellow
Favorite Beer: Heinzelmannchen (free beer is always the favorite beer)
Boat break down: Wave Sport 17, Dagger 13, Pyranha 9, Jackson 5, Liquid Logic 3, Perception 3, Necky 1, Bliss Stick 1
Best Classic Boat: Perception Gyromax
Top Hole Participants: 3 (two being Jimmy and Bryan)

              To all the 2006 Participants: Thanks very much!              Stop by Endless River Adventures any time this summer to pick up your DVD!    

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