I ve been paddling with the same type of paddle since 1987! Back then I sold my Norse paddle and bought a Silvercreek Paddle and Silvercreek has been my kayak paddle ever since. Beautiful wooden paddles. While the concept was the same, they did evolve over time, i.e. blade shapes changed; carbon fiber was added, allowing for lighter woods which meant a lighter paddle; colors were added to the finish (mine was pink!); and offsets changed from 80 to 60 to 45. The Silvercreek has been a familiar feel in my hands for a long time.

But when Silvercreek closed down, I knew I had a limited number of wooden paddles left before I would have to look for a new paddle.

I was won over by Lendal. All year I have been eyeing them–as the four piece component concept is such a good idea. Just the convenience alone of not having an oversized paddle bag when it comes time for traveling. They are well-made and well-designed. Today was the day. For the first time in all these years, I paddled down the river with a new paddle in my hands. And loved it! It is light, comfortable, the blade feels good in the water; what a nice surprise.

As good as my new Lendal Paddle might be, changing paddles might be enough changes for now…don’t want to go overboard!