Hello from Costa Rica!!
Wow, the blitzkrieg is over. Some might think this is the dream job. And it is, but it is a lot of work.  Because of the way that rivers change so dramatically every year in Costa Rica, we always send a team down ahead of the trips to scout out all the rivers.  We have a lot of ground...err rivers to cover in a few short days.

On the first day of paddling in the country, we were greeted by low flows at the Upper Upper Pacuare. The entire river has changed very little!  And what has changed is mostly for the better. The final gorge has cleaned up, and although still significantly harder than the rest of the river, we have options of sneaks and portages for less-experienced groups. Earlier in the day we decided to go ahead into the Upper Pacuare. Again it lived up to its fame: hard pushy creekin-river running with nonstop action till the end.

Day two and we were headed to the Pejibaye. Cool, emerald waters welcomed us at the put in and again the first Class IV mile was great fun: drop pool creeking at its best. The remainder of the river was good with the exception of the last harder rapid on the run. In previous years we have run through a slot left of center, but now this great line is blocked by a tree in the line, not the one that was below it last year. The right side is still open. Low flows made for easy going and gave us time to remember how incredibly beautiful the river is.  Following our run down the Perivale, we headed to the Pascua section of the Reventazon--a slightly bigger, but no less scenic river. For those of you that know what I mean by “slightly biggerâ€? I mean the Gauley on steroids. We put in above the town of Peralta and it was off too the races from there. The giant Ciaba tree that showed up last year has moved very little. Whiteout rapid was interesting--a tight line very close to some monster holes, followed by Terciopelo which has not lost any punch either (the same big holes and tight lines again). The rest of the run was spectacularly exciting as well. What an amazing river!

After the Reventazon we headed over to the Rio Sarapiqui. Putting in at the Bridge at San Miguel, we found a river much different from last year when we were running it so high! Funny, while few of the rocks have moved, if you take away a few hundred CFS it turns into low volume steep creeking. 
After the Sarapiqui we headed to the Tucano. That puts us at today.  After some serious thinking we decided to go run the Toro. Wow this river is still amazing. We put in at the Casa Maquina and it was on from there until the end of about the forth rapid. From that point on it was mostly class 4, 4+ through some of the most amazing jungle ever seen! Big waterfalls greeted us around every corner and the run is very clean.
We have just gotten back to San Jose, So we are going to get something to eat. K and J, can’t wait for you to get here!  For the rest of you we wish you were here! Many pictures to come!