A stunning sight: Volcano Poas, Irazu and Turrialba all breaking through the low cloud bank on the approach to the San Jose airport. What a welcome back to Costa Rica! Such a site was even a first for us—which says a lot considering we have made this landing for eighteen years now. It was a true “bienvenidoâ€? to be greeted by the famous “tripletsâ€? that reign over the outskirts of San Jose.

It does not take much to re-acclimate to Costa Rica, especially after so many years of traveling back and forth. A stop in Miami takes care of any language concerns one might have in switching to Spanish as the national language. The Costa Rican airport has been upgraded in the past three years, arrival is flawless. And beginning with Miguel and his spotless van, the same familiar smiling faces were here to greet us at our homebase hotel in San Jose. About the only hitch in the system is re-programming ourselves to the fact that pedestrians do not have the right-of-way; very black and white here—we just keep forgetting.

The end of October is well-known here as the beginning of the Endless River Adventures season here in Costa Rica. it is hard to miss us with our Toyota vans loaded with boats, kayaking gear hanging outside hotel rooms, and vast amounts of Imperial beers being enjoyed. So how has the first trip unfolded? With Steve as head guide partnered up with Brian and Matt, it has been a week of solid Class IV boating, sun burn, gallo pinto and good times with members of what has become known as “The Boysâ€? group.

The Boys Trip. Over the past fourteen years, some combination of the same group has joined us here in Costa Rica for a week of paddling. Texas, Canada, New Jersey, Virginia, the Virgin Islands…the annual “Boys Tripâ€? has always been a highlight. Given the make up of the group, the members usually average a history of around 50 trips combined with us. Why such a high return rate? Well obviously it is hard to beat a week spent with us!! Aside from that is the fact that in any two consecutive years, the water levels have never been the same, the rapids on the river never as they were a year ago, and the itinerary never without something new to run. Aside from fun company, we also work hard to keep things interesting on our trips!

Friday is always wind-down day of the week; the icing on the cake day after a week of the Pacuare, Pejibaye, Reventazon, and Thursday’s treat: the Upper Toro. You know it is a good week when the guides get to run the same rivers they would choose to do if they were on their own!

The on-going theme here in Costa Rica: Pura Vida of course!