The downside of paddling on the west coast of Costa Rica is dodging the wildlife…or maybe it is remembering to put on sunscreen…or maybe it is the burritos for dinner!!  Here we are in week#3 of our trips and find ourselves spread out and on all sorts of adventures. 

Ken, Steve and I headed out to Jaco Beach to paddle for some Class II-III days with a great group of folks. 

We had been given a heads up that while the central region of the country is a bit under average for rainfall this year, the two coasts have been business-as-usual.  We have become spoiled at home due to the ease of internet access for river levels.  Once you go outside the United States, river levels are determined once you arrive at the river!  Usually a random rock or bridge piling is your marker.  So arriving at our Class II-III Rio Purris, we found it to be more Class III than Class II.  Great waves trains, sweet surf spots and tons of wildlife.  Jesus Christ Lizards scurried across the water as we headed downstream, iguanas sunned on rocks, and we had the time of our life.

At the takeout on Sunday, Mark’s (one of the gang) song-of-the-day was “I am h-a-p-p-yâ€? (sung to an unknown tune)!  We all were.

While we are busy paddling on the west coast for the week, Brian and Matt are off on a separate adventure: exploring a bit of Nicaragua!   Last word from the two was “…Hey guys, We made it!  After 8 hours of grueling bus travel (picture Matt and me crammed into the back of a Yugo with three other people) we arrived in Grenada.  It is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.â€?