We won’t lie…the past two days here in Costa Rica have been chilly.  News Alert!!  The 22nd was the coldest November day in 25 years here in Costa Rica. It was 16 degrees. Celsius.  The newspaper was full of stories of selling gloves, parkas, cold weather gear. For a 60 degree day. 
The great thing for us is that the weather pattern hanging over Central America has meant plenty of rain for us in the past week.  Water levels are plump. Not too high, just plump! Take the Pejibaye for the past two days:  beautiful green water, exotic plethora of bromeliads weighting down the canopy of trees, and a perfect water level (we have mentioned there is no bad water level here?!?).  Yesterday we stopped by the cane factory before the river, we then spent the day playing on waves, surfing holes, and running rapids that made us whoop half way down (okay, we are 90% girls on this trip!!).  What a great Thanksgiving Day.
And today—busiest shopping day of the year…and we missed out.  But then we were hiking through virgin rain forest this morning at a reserve outside of town, and then driving to the river to paddle all afternoon.  What a day!