Thanksgiving in Costa Rica
Okay, they don’t have Thanksgiving in Costa Rica.  The Spanish landed here, not the pilgrims.  And while the end result was similar, the pilgrims were much more gracious about the help they received from the native Americans!
So over the years we have had to do some training as to what Thanksgiving consisted of for us:  Food; nothing more.  In the first years here, our hosts would try to set up live music—we don’t listen to music after Thanksgiving dinner; a dancing floor—thanks but we don’t dance after Thanksgiving…what do we do? We eat!  And we eat the same food every year. So after fifteen years, they know to fix turkey (two big birds flown in from the USA), stuffing, potato salad, mashed potato, rice, gravy (turkey and pineapple varieties) and apple pie.  Perfect!  And we do here just as we do at home: eat until we drop. Only difference is that the reason we were ready to drop is as much because of the awesome day of paddling we had as the dinner we ate.