Summing up the past great week of boating here in Costa Rica: a “little bit of everythingâ€? would be about right. 

We had surfing at the beach, we had post rain big water paddling followed by pristine green water play days.  Our two groups consisted of as many females as men, paddlers ranging from the ages of nineteen to sixty five, father and daughter and father and son combos… playboaters and river runners… coming from anywhere from Florida to Minnesota. 

And while we just could not find the sloths this week, we had a plethora of iguana and Jesus Christ lizard sightings, as well as a first sighting for us: a spoon bill (imagine being stuck with the coloring of a flamingo and a spoon shaped beak for a nose). 

Halfway through the week, we changed plans after arriving at the Sarapiqui to find it up in the trees. No worries, we headed to the Reventazon for a high water run on a high water river!  The warm up rapid lasted from the put in to the next eddy–about two miles downstream!   After finishing up a rollercoaster ride down the river, we headed to Turrialba where wisps of blue sky boded well for our last two days.  And so it was, Thursday morning brought us bright blue skies peeking through the green canopy of trees that closes over the Pejibaye River.  Everything was so good about the day (especially after reading emails describing the newly fallen snow back at home!!) that we decided that our grand finale Friday would be a second run on the Pejibaye before having to return to San Jose.  And a grand finale it was–especially knowing everyone one at home was struggling to put on their dry suits.