Weird that Sunday morning we were eating gallo pinto in San Jose, Costa Rica….and Tuesday morning we were paddling our first run of the season in Ecuador. It is great to be back!!

We started out with a warm-up run (a good idea after landing at 10,000 feet, then coming over a 14,000 foot pass to a put in at 6500 feet altitude!) that ended up being more of a handful than planned because the river decided to do an about face on us. It was like someone took all the rocks on the river and shook them up and let them fall out to form whatever rapid they felt like. Rivers that change a lot keep the attention radar on full blast!

Then up to the Oyacachi River. The Oyacachi is one of those dream rivers for a Class IV creek boater. The river necessitates all the moves used on a steep creek, with the need to always be punching one hole or the other as a follow up move after a good boof.  It is challenging without being out of control (depending on the water level, of course, which today was near perfect).  And the scenery is awesome as the river comes out of a pristine national park with no development to be seen on either side. What an ideal day. Especially following it up with a $2.00 haircut in town, followed by a big bowl of popcorn (congeal) and a cold beer (cerveza).