Spring 2007 brings in two new names to the ERA store: LevelSix and Robson/Lightning.  Those of you who are familiar with our outfitters store know that we are very particular about what we bring into our lineup.  We tend to feature products—products that we personally use every day. With our entire staff as product testers, something needs to be good or it does not last long in the store!



We have had our eye on LevelSix for sometime, but just did not have a place for them in our lineup in years past.  A quality line of soft goods that was brought to fruition in 1997 by a pair of kayakers out of Canada, Tyler and Stig, LevelSix gear reflects their personal commitment to gear designed to be functional and look good!  We were sold on it and know you will be too.  You can check them out at www.levelsixinc.com and here in the store as of spring 2007!



Explosive power, efficient stroke, and well-balanced features are adjectives used to describe Robson Paddles—where the former Lightning Paddles have found a home.  We worked with Lightning for years and were sorry to see them close shop out in Oregon.  But Robson came through and revitalized the line—adding their personal touch to what was already a great paddle.  Whether known by the name Robson or Lightning, we are happy to have them back again in our shop! You will find a whole line up of paddles here in our store and info at www.robsonpaddle.com/whitewater-paddles.htm 



Dragging paddle bags through airports used to be one of the small inconveniences we faced when traveling throughout Latin America for four months a year.  And then came Lendal Paddles.  Four piece component paddles that break down to suitcase size, but lock together with a patented lock system that secures the components together into a seamless one-piece paddle.  And it was not just the convenience of travel that sold us on Lendal, but how good they felt in our hands while we suffered through four months of paddling in Costa Rica and Ecuador (okay, a bit tongue in check).  They are worth checking out both here in the shop and at www.lendal.com.