If GPS locaters were put out on ERA staff this week…our little group would have been found all over the South! Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina…ETSU, Sweet Briar, Virginia Tech, Western Carolina, East TN Paddling club…we were there!  All in the spirit of our spring College Outdoor Program Push! With a dash of paddle club support thrown into the pot as well.

Start with Vixen territory: Sweet Brian College.  In the land of pink and green the theme for Thursday night was ERA, Wave Sport and LVM.  The evening fired up with a strategic planning slide show: Costa Rica and Ecuador (what could be better over a school break than a paddling trip down south?!?!) ; then it was time to crank up the volume with LVM’s #22. The room was packed with students, professors and a great showing by the Coastal Canoers paddling club–who took time out to check out the LVM premiere before heading out for a weekend paddling trip to the Elk.

Already an action-packed night, we were not done!  After an immersion into what it is like to paddle in Costa Rica and Ecuador, and all the LVM destinations…we headed to the pool for some Wave Sport boat demo time.  This is a group that already knows their boats as they have a great fleet of kayaks; but having the Project and the Habitat available satisfied curious minds.  For so much to do in one day, our time at Sweet Briar College was over way too soon.

It was hard to leave a gorgeous campus just peaking into spring…but we had more premieres to be done this weekend!  From Sweet Briar, we headed to Virginia Tech. Alma mater to such paddling well-knowns as Andrew Holcombe; Virginia Tech may be lacking a strong outdoor program, but they are not lacking enthusiasm!

That enthusiasm showed in the room full of students who set studies aside for the evening to show up for the LVM premiere and some Costa Rica and Ecuador footage. That same enthusiasm spilled right over to the pool. At the pool we unpacked boats and set out to show the group what makes kayaking so fun.  We could never have done it by ourselves-a big thanks to Jason who really put energy into the evening, as well as the Radford College group that helped make everything click.

As if one boat demo/premiere was not enough for one night, the East Tennessee Paddling Club also gathered for a big evening.  Throwing out a whole group of Wave Sport boats for demo and then adding in rolling tidbits for anyone interested, another of our ERA team-Maggy and Brian, were part of this great group of boaters.

And while the rest of us were heading home Saturday morning, yet another ERA team: Steve and Craig, were loading up to head to Western Carolina University’s annual demo day.  A full day of events: there was action at the pool, throwing down at the Slab and then pizza and LVM. Some of our all stars-like little Erin, were there to check out Wave Sport boats and take in some pizza and LVM.

A great weekend full of meeting up with so many great groups of paddlers-we could not be happier to be part of our university outdoor program push.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your groups, You guys are awesome!!