In boat design you have two details that can really upgrade the performance of a boat: chines and rails. Chines are the natural edge of the boat (where the deck and the hull meet). Chines have been sharpened on modern play boats to help with improve surfing and spinning (and window shading when dealing with a sharper chine!).Rails are the accentuated edges towards the stern of most modern creek boats. Rails help accentuate control and acceleration through a turn. With rails, there is better control through the turning veer–keeping the boat on line throughout the turn so that it does not spin on you.Example of using the rails to your advantage: You want to make a sharp cut, for example coming through the notch into the eddy above Gorilla. The boat tends to plane, so using a right stern draw to hold the turning momentum into the eddy, slightly lift the right edge (counter leaning) and the boat will maintain a clean turn. Just be careful you don’t trip over that edge!Rails on a creek boat have a similar learning curve to chines on a play boat. You have to learn how to use them, but once you do it will make you a better boater!