Folks keep adding on to the list of donations for the April 28th Nantahala Open!

The Chattooga Outpost of NOC has again thrown in their support with a pair of Smith glasses. Thanks so much! One of our female participants will win the Level 6 dry top! And Squeeze just added 50 pair of nose clips—so plan on being upside down! TeamScum will be donating some of their great new line of t-shirts.

Level6, Squeeze, the Chattooga Store-NOC and Team Scum’s donations add to the line-up we already have:

STOHLQUIST – with a great X-traxt PFD; NATIVE EYEWEAR – a pair of very cool looking pair of Hardtop sunglasses; H2OAUDIO – stickers, posters and three waterproof MP3 player cases; NRS – Waist throw bag, Duffel, Paddle bag, Stickers; SNAP DRAGON – two sprayskirts—a whitewater reinforced and one of their new Flirt skirts for the girls); LAKEVIEW LODGE – a massage of choice

And the grand prize has yet to be announced!

How it will happen: Wave Sport—headed up by veteran Nany Open/team member Brian Kirk and Endless River Adventures will be making things happen down at the staging area of the Falls between 10 and 3….just stop when you pull into the staging area and participate…that’s what makes it so fun (along with the gratification of such great support from industry sponsors)!