Power ferries are not just for Class IV+ boaters.  And the sooner you start learning how to do them, the better a boater you will be.

On any class II river there are dozens–if not hundreds of places to practice power ferries.  The first step is to make a habit of finding them.  Identify the troughs – those places where the ferry will be most effective.  Think about  speed and angle, and then go for it. 

Don’t worry about purling the bow, or falling off the back of the wave, or flipping (unless it’s in a place where you should worry about it).  Through practice and experience, the decision of where and how to leave an eddy becomes instinctual.  In time stroke count decreases, ferries become more controlled, and moves that were once deemed out of reach become reality. 

For a more in depth explanation of Power Ferries, check out Brian’s latest article ““On Power Ferries and Using Water: the Case of Biff Downdaguttâ€? found at https://endlessriver.wpengine.com/articles.shtml