Forty Seven participants made the 3rd Annual Nantahala Open a great success this past weekend. The weather was beautiful, the attitude was upbeat, and the Falls were action packed! Everyone walked away a winner after the day’s events.

There was surfing in the top hole (intentional and not), backwards moves, daring swims and loud applause. The event turned international when the Team Canada group showed up. And their enthusiasm helped shape the future of the awards. Before it was done, we ended up with the “Most Determined to Win a Prize�? award for their performance.
Wave Sport’s Bryan Kirk was a great ambassador for the day’s events. “The 2007 Nantahala Open was the most fun event I’ve been to in a recent memory. The action at Nantahala Falls, cool gear prizes, a free Wave Sport kayak, and loads of super-friendly people all combined to make this an event that I, along with many others I am sure, will be marking on my calendar for years to come.”
The Open was not only an international event, but host for an international premiere of Wave Sport’s newest boat: the FUSE 35.
The festivities at the Falls were fun for everyone and so was the party Saturday night. The Heinzelmännchen beer was a nice touch while we enjoyed watching the new Wave Sport 2007 video and of course….the 2007 Open Show: capturing the best of the event and immortalizing our great group of participants on film.
The videos were good, the beer better, but the best part of the event was that everyone came out a winner. With an incredible lineup of prizes, once all the category prizes were handed out, all names went back in and everyone who was a participant had a chance at additional prizes; including the Grand Prize—a Wave Sport boat of choice. And the winner–Josh Burton, walked away with a brand new Habitat.