A warm sunny July day is hard to beat here in western North Carolina…especially when it is spent on the Cheoah River!

And icing on the cake was paddling along with our gang as they led a raft trip down the river. With an experienced crew of guests (all whom had spent the previous day on the Upp/Middle Ocoee trip) and Brian at the helm, they just made the raft dance through the rapids. There is nothing easy about maneuvering a raft down Cheoah. But when it is done right, it sure looks easy.

The same is true in a kayak. Sometimes when you get caught up as a kayak guide on the river and you don’t have time to think about the rapids. But yesterday was a treat: it was our Sara’s first kayak run down the river and she just nailed the lines. It was hard not to share the huge grin she wore all the way down the river.

Here we are in the middle of a dry hot summer yet we were paddling the Class IV rapids of the Cheoah…in short sleeves…with few others around us. It was the kind of day that is hard to beat.