Wanted to drop a note of thanks for the private instruction you and Juliet set up for my 9 year old son with Philly.

After noticing most of our local “young guns” on the James were taught at ERA we saw no reason to break tradition with my son Philip. I came with a bit of “parent nerves” and�self admittedly high expectations. As a boater I came into this knowing how important keeping his first boating experiences�positive are to his future�boating “career”. My expectations for Philip were not only met but blown off the chart by ERA and Philly!.

After running shuttle for the guys on the afternoon Tuck run I waited anxiously at the take out. When they came in view I could see a noticeably different little boater than I had dropped off at the put in with Philly. Philip was tired but fired up about kayaking..my primary goal satisfied. (He has since used the “tools” he left ERA with to begin rolling with a paddle and hand rolling. Very impressive to me for a kid who was not comfortable sticking his head in the water when he arrived at ERA two weeks ago).

The next day I received a run down most of the way back to Richmond about S.A.L. the River God, “sneaking farts in class” to use your edges, hydrology, river safety and much more. I was very impressed with what Philly covered in only one day. He is awesome with young boaters and balances pushing his new student�to learn without scaring them off in the process.

In short we will be back and I can recommend Endless River Adventures and Philly�without reservation to any other parents looking for the perfect entry level kayak instruction for children.

See You On The River!