With only one day to sort through everything at the Outdoor Retailer Show, we had to streamline our game plan and really focus on our retail partners. Here are some of the highlights of the show for us:

WRSI: How about a throw rope shaped like a football? What a brilliant idea! At least for us Americans who feel right at home poised to toss something from a “football position.” And the whole bag is floatable. In addition, WRSI is coming out with a new camo color and an attachable face guard (will retro fit on 2007 helmets).

Shred Ready: The Tdaub will be standard line up for 2008. And for the exotic boater, the Vixen will come in a snakeskin design.

Lendal: The news from the source is that Lendal is up and running again and the wrinkles smoothed out from the manufacturing end of things.

Mion: How about a hybrid low volume play boat booty with an add-on heavy duty creeking exo skeleton shoe that can be worn with the booty or by itself. We are all over it!

Wave Sport: After receiving a big thumbs up from the kids for the Fuse35, Wave Sport is adding three additional sizes for grown ups! The new sizes will be 48 and 56 and 64.

SnapDragon: The Flirt Skirt for women has been so popular that SnapDragon is expanding the Flirt for any of its skirt options.

Level Six: ERA staff revamped their wardrobe this year with Level Six and next year will be even better. With impressive attention to detail—colors are hot and another addition to the women’s wear will be here.

First impression is that 2008 is more about refining some good products to make them better rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.