Great paddling films, a kick ass blue grass band, mouth watering food….and a great group of people turned the Endless River Adventures’ 1st Annual Reel Paddling Film Festival into a great success.

The films were the main highlight of the night, with Nomads probably the in-house favorite (since our own Whitney is in it!); while Corran’s O Dragon Where Art Thou definitely brought out the best laughter of the evening. And Grayscale got everyone all fired up to go and run Nantahala Falls ASAP!

Over and above the entertainment, the true success of the evening was how well everyone rallied behind the Nantahala River Conservation Fund—the true benefactor of the festival. Ninety seven raffle tickets were sold—with all the proceeds from the raffle going to the Fund. Granted, there was the motivation of walking away with a new Wave Sport boat of choice, or a Level Six dry top, or a Snap Dragon sprayskirt, a Commonfolk CD, or WRSI helmet; all of which happened throughout the course of the evening.

The raffle for the Wave Sport boat provided a moment of surprise. A bowl full of tickets to draw from, and when the winner’s name was drawn—Josh Burton, we were made speechless (for just a moment). The cause of our momentary loss of verbosity was due to the fact that the same Josh was the winner of the 2007 Nantahala Open raffle this spring, which sent him home with a brand new Habitat. This guy needs to go to Vegas!! Josh was gracious enough to abdicate his prize in lieu of a new paddle and a second drawing pulled out Casey’s name. Now the proud owner of a Wave Sport Diesel, Casey is totally fired up about kayaking.

We could not have had a better Festival, or a better end to a Labor Day weekend. Thanks to everyone who supported the Festival. Same time, same place next year!!