by Horace Holden

Note: Horace Holden may once have been known as “olympic paddler”, but today he is probably receiving as much applause for his role as the father of some super star paddlers! What has Horace done to help nurture his sons towards their own passion of kayaking? And how can you make sure your kids have fun on the river? Following are a few thoughts Horace shared with us:

Kids and safety. Be conservative. A frightening experience could have a lifetime effect. What might not scare a parent could be very intimidating to a kid.

Kids with kids. Kids love to play and have fun together (see fun topic below). Kayaking is no different. Kids learn from each other. “If he/she can do that , maybe I can too.” Kids push each other. Kids have more fun with other kids. Parents can tag along and watch or jump into the game and play, too.

Keep it fun. Safety first. Then make it all fun. Games on the lake. Fill the boat with water. See who can stand up the longest. Stupid kid tricks help build a feeling of fun. They also develop an intimate familiarity with the kayak as a toy, something to play with. This helps alleviate fears that are natural to kayak learners like being upside down in a closed boat where I can’t breath or see and water is going in my nose and out my eyes. I like comfort aids like dive masks and nose plugs which ease the fear factor.

Stay tuned for more insights from Horace and his sons!