Watching the passion for kayaking grow with each of the Bonnarens children (three of the four are already awesome boaters–the fourth and youngest, Bae, is dabbling her toes in the sport) has been a highlight. When Sara Hilda (12) gained some confidence on the Ocoee this year, she found herself with a new paddling partner: her sister Rebecca (16). The two make a great pair on the river now between running the rapids, playing at jump rock, and enjoying a great meal after the river, they are not just sisters, but paddling partners.

You two are not like ordinary girls your age. When you get a week away, you head to the river with your dad. What is the best part of kayaking for you?
Rebecca: the fact that there’s always new things to try;  Sara: being on the river and trying new stuff.

Who is your favorite person/s to paddle with?
Rebecca: my dad and my big brother (whenever he�s not making me tow him through the flat sections); Sara: my family/any of the era staff.

A big brother! Now that Andrew is away at college, you can fess up to what is the best part of paddling with your brother!
Both: never having to put the boats on the car!

It seems like every year, you get to do some new river/s. So far, what is your favorite river?
Sarah: all of them! Rebecca: the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

Having worked with both of you from the beginning, I can honestly say you both were good about taking this sport at your own pace. What was the most challenging part of learning to paddle?
Both: The roll!

If you could put together the perfect paddling vacation, where would you go?
Sarah: Canada with my family and era staff; Rebecca: Grand Canyon with my family and era staff.

One last thought: food seems to be an important side note in kayaking for you guys. What is your favorite food during a paddling trip?
Rebecca: Rib Country after the Ocoee; Sarah: Biscuit World on the way to the Ocoee, Rib Country after!