Shredding it up in the topoduo!StaffPaddling2007 002.jpgOur little ERA family is starting to wander off for the winter. 

While some will hold down the fort here in NC, Steve, Jess, Sara, Jeff, Philly Juney and Chris are all back in school, John is teaching school, Danielle is headed to India, Kelly hopefully to Chile; I will see Brian, Craig, Ryan and Ken in Costa Rica and/or Ecuador….

so before it all happens, we decided to sneak everyone out of the shop and go spend an amazing afternoon out on the river together. 

Starring Ken & Danielle in a topoduo!The Kastorff Shudder RudderWhat fun we had! Shredding it up in the topoduo!Brandy & Brandy

The Nantahala never saw us coming!

And the final count: ERA:8-Falls:0!!Falls Zero: ERA Eight! Kelly Looking as Good in a kayak as she does in the raft!  Steve Taking the Dare