Team ERA pitched in to clean up the Nantahala River this past week as part of the statewide NC Clean Sweep. Sponsored by the Nantahala Gorge Association and Chaco Sandals, the river looked squeaky clean after we finished! NanyCleanUp 002.jpg

The scheduled clean-up day for the Nantahala was October 01. And of course, it was  a gorgeous October day on the river so it was not all that hard to twist our arms to leave the shop and pitch in with other members of the Nantahala Gorge Association: NOC and Fast River Rafting, to clean up.  NanyCleanUp 004.jpgSixteen people went from top to bottom collecting up cans (Budweiser NanyCleanUp 003.jpgcame out a clear winner), bottles (Mountain Dew won in this department), hub caps and an errant diaper, etc…. A total of 45 bags were collected.

 Chaco Sandals was a huge part of the event. Chaco donated twelve pairs of sandals and $500 towards the event. Because of the terriroty needed to be covered, the clean-up was divided into two different events: the Monday Oct 01 River Clean Up and then a second lake clean up (at the confluence with the Nany) for Saturday, Oct 05. 

The money could not be used for administrative purposes (okay, it did buy the volunteers pizza for lunch!).  And it was agreed that whatever money was left over from the two events would be donated to the Nantahala River Conservation Fund.

 NanyCleanUp 006.jpgThe Nantahala Gorge is a gorgeous place. And with 45 bags less of trash, it looks even better.  A special thanks to Chaco, the volunteers and Cathy Allison and Laurie Perkins who worked together to orchestrate the day.