by Taylor Cote

I paddle the Fuse for a number of reasons.� Number 1 reason: it is one of the few boats I really fit into. I am so glad Wave Sport decided to make this boat because it is amazing.� It is very comfortable to be in especially if I am on the water for a long time; comfortable outfitting is a must.���TaylorFuse.JPG The Fuse handles great when I am surfing with it no matter how big the wave or hole is, I will get in there with it. The boat is real easy to roll which is another reason I really like it. The Fuse is only 35 gallons and weighs only 26 pounds but you can sure punch holes with that thing. When I am paddling it I feel so in tune and like one with it because I just know how it will react to certain things and how to correct it.

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