by eraSteve 

ERA brings AT Paddles on Board

The business plan behind our store here at Endless River Adventures is to carry gear that we personally use and feel is the best for us and our guests.  So next time you stop in the store notice the new display of AT paddles upstairs! 

I have paddled with straight shaft paddles exclusively, but upon trying one of the AT high performance paddles, I was sold. The crispness of each stroke, the perfect amount of flex and a bent shaft that actually works for me make this the new go to stick in my quiver.

Part of the reason I have never paddled with bent shafts is that the location of the bends never seem to work with my paddling style. With the AT paddles I feel like my hands are exactly where I want them to be.

The other question I had with AT, or any bent shaft for that matter was durability, but after paddling with the super light AT2 all summer and seeing some video of one run over by a mid size sedan (, I would not think twice about taking this paddle down any river.

Bottom line is that these paddles are beautiful, tough, and feel amazing to paddle with. With a variety of shapes and styles, AT has an option fro everyone. Don’t forget to check out the limited edition Mystery Stick that features camo blades!

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