There are two really great memories we have of Marlow. The first is when we became aware of Marlow and some of his friends getting into kayakingand being so enthusiastic that they even had their own team name (the name escapes me). Then a few years later Marlow showed up at the shop to offer us the chance to sell the first video put out by Young Gun Productions. We were happy to support them and bought a box of videos; and then were really fired up when we watched it as they had done a great job putting it together a fact that has become more true with each film done!  It was lucky to track down Marlow with a few minutes on his hands.

Marlow, where are you now and what are you doing?
Currently i am in California editing YGP’s latest project “Source”/State of the Art” a double disc kayak movie due out next year. We will have a new website up in the next few months so keep and eye on
Earlier in the season i had to have an operation on my left shoulder. I have had multiple dislocations so surgery was required. Going through this has been super hard; not being able to do what i love the most is sickening. So a lot of my time this fall has been spent doing physical therapy which is a huge part of recovery.

In the past few years, it seems that kayaking has taken you all over the world!  Are there any places in particular that stand out as favorites?
Some of the coolest places i have traveled to have been because of the amazing white-water there is all over the world. Some places that stand out have to be the White Nile in Uganda, Zambezi in Zambia/Zambawe. But there is also a lot of amazing place close to home. I spend a lot of time in Canada. There are so many awesome rivers up there.

It has been a long time since you showed up at our shop to buy a WS Stubby. What was it that initially sparked your interest in kayaking?
I was about 13 when i first got into a kayak on my parents lake. My sister�s friend had one and i just really thought that it would be fun. I was into other sports such as soccer, basketball so this was the next step up for me sport wise. My first boat was a Dagger blast which was a great boat for me to learn the basic stuff. Then I mainly paddled on the Chattooga or the Nantahala River and my parents would have to shuttle me or i’d have to find a friend to go with.

Once you were into boating, what happened next?� I remember there was a core group of you, did that group become part of the core of YGP?
Next i went to a school called Adventure Quest (AQ); it was the first traveling high-school for competitive kayaking. So after a couple semesters of traveling the world kayaking while doing school work along the way my kayaking skills grew, and I figured I could maybe make somewhat of a living off it. So as time past we came up with Young Gun Productions, consisting of Rush Sturges, Brooks Baldwin, and me. Our main focus was showcasing the youngest athletes pushing the sport.

Early on you landed into an amazing group of paddlers. Who would you set apart as paddlers that inspired you? 
At AQ Shane Benedict and Whitney Lonsdale; they are awesome people and amazing kayakers. And I would say guys like Eric Southwick, Jimmy Blakeney, and Steve Fisher. These guys were pushing the sport and I admired that each of them had their own unique styles

Now the infamous question: what would be the advice you would give to someone who is now the age you were when you started?
I was pretty scared when i first started but the more you get out there and practice you’ll get more comfortable. Find a boat that feels right to you, not because it’s just the newest or coolest. There are boats out there for everything and everyone. Also i’d say get your friends into it as well, it’s important to have a buddy to go with.

Your parents were really supportive of you; would you have any advice to share with parents who have a young aspiring paddler?
Always be supportive in any way you can. I am super grateful to my parents for always being interested in my kayaking; they would come to my competitions and cheer me on, as well as sending me to the kayak school. So i would say that the more you’re involved as parents the better. It’s also a great sport for a family to get out onto the river together and experience it

Thanks so much Marlow! Final Note: Young Gun Productions next film will be out in early 2008. Keep watching their website for updates from this great group of boaters/entrepreneurs.