coming to you from eraBrian

Paddled the Pascua Section of the Reventazon today at epic water. Guage at Angostura was reading 3+ meters and showing no sign of dropping. We put in on river right, just below El Mirador. Words and pictures could never capture the power of so much water pounding through Blind Faith. Think Ohio River squeezing through Wesser Falls.

I got buried in the top of the drop and merely held on through the flush, not knowing which way was up for a few seconds. Afterwards, I eddied out in the swirling vortex on river right and waited for Craig. He came through unscathed, and it was off to the races. I made a huge mistake in leaving low and spent the next quarter mile fighting for my life to get back to river left. It felt like an entire ocean was pulsing to river right. I would gain ten meters, start to break free, and be shoved back a hundred feet toward the massive holes on the corner. With a final desperate push, I made the middle and rode out the haystacks on our way toward Dimple Rapid.

The river remained much as I remembered it. A new pourover showed up in Himalayas, making it harder to avoid the Goliath on the right. You actually have to pass a monster before making the cut to river left – yeah, HEAVY shit.

Running the rest of the river was mostly a matter of staying in the flow, i.e., staying away from the walls. Folds in the Space-Time continunum were occuring at Whale Rock….and the fun never ceased until the takeout.

More rivers to run tomorrow!