Okay, so there are going to be some days when paddling just does not sound inviting this winter (unless you are joining us in Costa Rica or Ecuador!). So what to do?? Before you turn to the football games, let me recommend spending that time reading Doug Woodward’s book: Wherever Rivers Flow.

Wherever Rivers Flow is an engaging recount of Doug’s personal history with kayaking. What makes it so engaging is the timing: he started paddling in the 60’s, meaning he was in the first group of whitewater kayakers in the States. His recollection of rivers run, friends he paddled with, and trials of boating back then is fascinating. If you ever wondered who did the first descents on most of the eastern rivers, Doug’s book will answer that for you. And Doug’s recollections are not just limited to the east coast, he also includes some early tales of Grand Canyon trips and adventures with Walt Blackadar.

Reading the details of his participation in the filming of Deliverance will entice you to want to go out and rent that classic for sure! And for anyone who calls the Chattooga their run, Woodward’s tales of the first few years on the Chattooga will amaze you.

Probably the best part about reading Wherever Rivers Flow is that many of the cast of characters introduced in the book are still involved in/enjoying paddling today, including Doug himself. Whether a book for yourself, or a gift for a paddler who has everything else (is that possible?!?) pick up Wherever Rivers Flow (of course available at ERA).