Our list of things to give thanks to is long on this Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving for kayakers-Costa Rica style

Thanks for:
– the iguanas hanging out in the trees that posed for photos
– the two sloths that we were able to watch play
– Arenal Volcano coming out through the clouds for an incredible
   photo op
– the Toucan that sang for us like it was going out of style
– an amazing day kayaking the Sarapiqui River
– arriving at our hotel in Turrialba, greeted by the smell of turkeys cooking
-An amazing Thanksgiving dinner complete with two turkeys and all the side entries just like mom would make  Giving Thanks--for a great day of paddling and a table full of food!

And thanks for the oppportunity to go to sleep on a full stomach, knowing that tomorrow we would wake up to another day of paddling!