Signs of civilization today included: three butterflies that followed us down the river, two young lads that showed up at the put-in on their horse, and a small field planted near the river…and one group of kayakers–us!

We headed to the Upper Upper Pacuare today to paddle a section of river rarely enjoyed by paddlers. Granted the shuttle drive is a hard one if you don’t know your way around–even under the care of Miguel we still had a detour or two. But it is so worthwhile to find your way up to this Class III-IV stretch of river.

Headed to the put-in today our group included a mix of California, Maine, WDC, PA and NC. Retired,scientist, executive, architect…our group runs the gamut this week.

Feeling Small-Heading to the Takeout on the QuijosHighlights for the day included Squeeze Play, Lisa’s Lounge (note: this ten mile stretch of river has basically no published named rapids, just those names that have been shared among fellow-paddlers), Coin Toss and the surf wave at lunch.

As if the river was not enough entertainment, our cultural stop on the way home was in La Suiza at the bar that definitely must have been the script behind Tom Cruise’s Bartender movie. Our buddy Pocho can throw a beer down the bar from four feet, toss rum into a glass from two, and remember our face from a year ago. The energy he has is almost enough to encourage all of us to indulge in a shot of turtle egg..or at least a cold drink before heading back to Turrilaba.

Pura Vida to another great day on the river!