22.jpgSo when you wake up after twelve hours of rain and know that you are not going to be on the Pacuare that day, there is no getting around the initial disappointment. And then hearing that you are going to repeat a river already done (what a spoiled group we are that paddling the same river twice is a disappointment?!?!). But we paddled a high-water Pejiabey run today that would rival just about any run anywhere!

Describe it? Okay, continuous big wave train rapids, manuevering around giant pour overs, and surfing incredible waves…what a day!!

And to top it off we stopped in at a sugar cane factory before the put-in. Over 100 years old, powered by a water wheel, staffed by a group that shows up at 4AM (the cane pressers themselves at 2AM and they are the ones who stuff the hand-macheted canes into the press) and working until 7PM cooking off the sugar into blocks that go for about 500 colones/$1USD. Makes the worst of our jobs seem not quite so bad.

And makes a day paddling in Costa Rica the best of days–regardless of the river you are on, they are all so great!!12.jpg