In order to post the photos from last week’s amazing kayak trip here in Costa Rica, I had to pull myself away from several things today:Cotimundis Creating a Traffic Jam counting toucans, paddling, and just plain being in Costa Rica!

1. Doing a toucan count. Okay, so this week has been bird paradise. Today on the Sarapiqui if we saw one toucan we saw ten toucans flitting across the river. They are hard to miss as their long fruit loop bills make them about the most non-aerodynamic flying machine in the air! And then there were the tiger herons, the egrets, the long-legged herons (not very scientific with the names here!). And that does not even include the sloth that I watched for about an hour last night from behind my hotel room. And only days ago on the west coast we watched magnificent macaws swoop in and land above us. Call yourself not a bird watcher until you end up with a week like this one!

2. Singing. No, I have not been singing, but we have had a van full of paddlers who have felt the song within them and we seem to arrive at every putin and depart from every takeout in song. Possessed? Maybe. Having fun? Definitely!

And in the meantime I have heard from several of last week’s paddlers–who seemed to arrive home just in time for the first good blizzard of the season!

Winston: I’m here to tell you that you guys are already the big winners. You bring the beauty of the rivers and a sense of accomplishment to so many of us. What a gift. It was a great week for me. Enjoyed the rivers, the comradeship, and the sense that my boating days are still improving. Thanks so much to you, Ken, Brian and Craig–and Miquel y Fabian. You will certainly see me again.

Brent and Dawn: We just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for a wonderful trip. We had a great time.

So coming at you are photos from last week’s trip, including the cotomundis that surrounded us at the van on the way up the mountain!