Part of taking a vacation is being able to have some down time. No one ever believes it until they are with us: often with a week-long paddling trip, by the time dinner is over thoughts of bedtime are dancing through everyone´s heads. There are evenings where it can be a struggle to stay awake until 9PM!! The other novelty besides a great night of sleep on a paddling vacation is the opportunity to read a book that has been sititng on the nightstand for some time. Between our location once out in paddling country (remote), and the luxury of being driven around everywhere (our trips all come with a shuttle bunny!), that ‘I’ve been meaning to read’ book can happen. This year there has been a great selection of books brought down and shared among us. 

Three Cups of Tea, Greg Morenson & David Relin – two copies floated between friends over Thanksgiving. Three Cups of Tea is this year’s Kite Runner-a huge favorite last year. 

Tropical Paradise, Forsyth & Minata – how Juliet sounds somewhat knowledgeable explaining bromeliads and sloth habits

Overthrow – Stephen Kinzer – it is hard being in a latin american country not to be aware of US policies over the years in so many of these countries

You Suck: A Love Story, Chrisitopher Moore- any Christopher Moore book is a guide favorite. And Moore outdid himself with his latest!

The Road. Cormac McCarthy – two years running The Road has been along on trips.

The River of Doubt: Roosevelts Darkest Journey, Candice Millard – it is so compelling to paddle through rain forest and think about Roosevelt’s trip.

Valverde’s Gold: In Search of the Last Great Inca Treasure, Mark Honigsbaum – if Ken ever disappears on us it will because he is off looking for Inca treasure in the Llanganatis of Ecuador.

Savages, by Joe Kane. An enlighting book on the impact of oil drilling in the amazon of Ecuador.

Six month’s worth of Time Magazine – okay, someone was definitely behind in their reading!

These are but a few of the books. Make sure you grab one on your way down south to join us paddling!