Sunshine, great water levels, incredible Class III-IV runs….just the start to a week that ended 2007 and brought in the 2008 new year! If our week was any indication of 2008–stick with us, it is going to be a great year!!

Heading out of Quito, we had to stop and buy some firecrackers in preparation for NYE.

Traditions for NYE include: buying a stuffed maniquen, wearing yellow underclothing for good luck for the upcoming year, eating twelve grapes–one for each month; and then as midnight comes along, pouring some gasoline on your sawdust filled mueneca, stuffing some fireworks in it also, and then lighting it off to celebrate getting rid of all the bad from the previous year and bringing in the good!

This was after having an incredible day on the Middle Canyon of the Quijos River. Wow! there is hardly a better way to finish off the old year.

And then waking up to 2008 with the sound of monkeys jumping around on the roof of our cabins, and then heading to the Upper Mishaulli River to boof our way into the new year.

Day #2 of 2008: okay, not often would a put-in death march that includes knee-deep mud, slipping around on slimy rocks, a 45-minute walk down to the river seem like a good idea, unless it is heading down to the Jondachi/Hollin put-in. And hey-we did not have to carry our boats, the locals are willing to do that! The Jondachi/Hollin is a picture-perfect Class III-IV run deep in the jungle with more than twenty waterfalls to be counted on the way down the river. So it was hell on the pedicure, it was well worth every bit of the walk in!

We finished off the week with more paddling on the Quijos River, with a shot at Gringos Revueltos Rapid (anyone who spends time in Ecuador quickly learns what revuelto means(as in scrambled, like the eggs served each morning!).

And then one last run through Pica de Piedra Rapid before heading back to Quito.but not without a soak at Pappallacta Hot Springs!

From our international futbol match,  to the rivers we paddled, to time off on fun side trips, enjoy with us the photos of the week.

And prospero Ano Nuevo to all our friends!