Anyone who says Ecuador is only for Class IV+ boaters has never joined us for an  Ken shaking up the eight ball awesome week of boating on a less-than Class IV+ trip! And this is especially true with the friends that we have join us! 

Take this week for example; here are some great statistics: 75% of the group has been with us previously on a minimum of one trip (meaning this week that only two of the group have never had been with us on a trip!) …40% of this week’s group were with us this year in Costa Rica. That might be why they were feeling bold tonight. We no sooner finished dinner than Mary Jo and Kirk headed up the “toasting the guides” contingent. It went something like this:

It was just a week before
Ecuador in the US of A
Kirk and I decided to
boat on the French Broad for the day.
As we were floating in the
icy cold haze, we
spoke of our upcoming Ecuador days.
We chatted of flights, and
of gear, and of sunny blue skies, and of
what we could bring as a treat for our noble guides.

Chocolates? Flowers?
Sunscreen or Wine?
No, we thought, all those
things they are doing quite fine.

As we explored what they might need-
“oh my gosh” we both said
“Craig and Brian desperately
need something to read.”
“Interesting, you may think,
or why you may ask-”
It is because the sight of what they were
reading in Costa Rica made us
both gasp!

You know, they are both
guys who seem to keep it
pretty real. It just didn’t seem right for
them to be reading the
likes of Danielle Steele!

So we split up the task
of filling the gap, and
found some interesting
stuff, all over the map.

We have National geographic,
maxim, and men’s health,
and US News and World
Reports and a few others
to keep stealth. We
decided to honor
their tastes which are so keen
and got them an oprah, a
cosmo and a new
seventeen! We got a
globe for entertainment
value, a puzzle book for fun,
and what can we say, it didn’t seem
complete without a
copy of woman’s day!

So then we
went on to solve the
next puzzle,
what could
we bring for Ken &
Juliet without ending up
in too much trouble!
Because as you know
we cant destroy the trust
Before the end of the trip,
we may need them to save us!

So we thought and we
thought, and pondered and
pondered–and into the
target Captain Kirk
wandered. And what to
his wandering eyes did
appear, but a magic
8 Ball and some plugs for the
ear. That’s it! he
thought and laughed all
a gasp, so intentions to all
‘the wackey question we all ask:

“Is the river hard”, and the magic ball
replied “hazy try again”
it answers us all.
“Will we flip upside
down” we ask the
ball with a frown-
“most likely” it answers
as we put the ball down.
“Is that hole gonna munch me”-
we ask it to guess-
It twists as it answers
“All signs point to yes.”
“Is this the last rapid”
we ask as the furrow our brow-
hmmm says the ball
“I better not tell
you know.” 

So, we decide the ball is not our friend
and it is the time to
bring this story to and end.

The End.

It is time to go kayaking! We can’t wait!!!!