The following was inspired by six great days of paddling, finishing up with a soak in the hot tubs, and a cold beer for the ride back to Quito…..

It is our last day of kayaking and oh how far we’ve come
So let’s end as we started-
in Quito on night number one.

We were all sitting down at a similar table,
thinking of all the rapids we would paddle if we were so able.

Nothing LIke Winter Paddling in Ecuador!








That first night was like Christmas Eve as we couldn’t quite sleep, with dreams of kayaking
and the body parts we wanted to keep!

We were feeling good the next day  
as we opened our eyes, and consulting the eight-ball…
we knew it was now up to our guides.                 

 Driving Over the Pass and into the Quijos Valley









Over the pass did we head,seemingly into the clouds;
outfitting boats in Borja
now to the river-“oh wow!” 

Here we go! we rejoiced as we drove to the river
the sun was shining brightly and we started to quiver.

 Good Lines through Pica De Piedra





We paddled the mighty Quijos and all was ok,
with adrenaline pumping;
The Vote: Day One was a great day!


Heading to the Chaco Canyon, Quijos







Day two began with Bob dropping his boat;
Then some scouting of rapids.
It was an exciting day in the Canyon made good with antacids!


By now Dave was seeing quite clear,
but he stayed in Borja to mend after a bout with Chaos
a rapid which we now all hold so dear.


Paying Rent on the Good Lines






Lori and I paid lots of rent to follow Brian
though each rapid he kept shouting “SPACE”
and we’d cry back “We’re try’n!”

Ann bravely paddled with Ken
around a near-river wide hole
and Florida Dan showed us play moves
when he wasn’t too cold.


Danny and his EZG playing it up





Soon we headed off to the mighty old jungle,
in search of more rivers and coke zero
So Capt Kirt would not grumble.


 Coke Zero and a Smile






Art hopped around like a kid in the bus
all the while taking photos en route to the jungle,
where we found all the monkeys making a fuss.


Our Buddy Lucio 









We paddled two days on the Jatunyacu,
and here I personally tried to see
just how many silly swims I could do.








Wednesday night it rained and it rained,
it poured and it poured
and Dave didn’t even hear Cpt Kirk as he snored.

 Testing out a new river runner on the Jatunyacu






Paddling big jungle waves was really a blast,
but soon we had to pack up; sad knowing Thursday
was second to last.


Big Water Paddling on the Jatunyacu







The rain did not stop us and it was really a treat
that we could paddle a jungle run
and on the same day a cool creek.

 Running the Upper Cosanga





Oh so much to tell–how about the water slide!
Such a lot of fun we did have thanks to Angel
and our great group of guides.

 All in a Day's Work


PS Share in the fun we had all week through our photos!