If there was ever a sport that helps kids build confidence, it is kayaking says the Endless River Adventures team.  Kayaking is an individual sport that requires an awareness of group responsibility.  Kayaking allows kids to focus on individual goals, improvement, and fun; a win-win approach rather than the win-or-lose approach found in group sports.

  •  To give support to our belief, ERA’s 2008 season will focus on kids and in kayaking.
  • We will feature more kid-specific gear, including WaveSport’s kids boat–the Fuse 35, and kid-sized gear from Level Six and NRS.
  • The April 26th Nantahala Open will feature some special kids classes.
  • July of 2008 will introduce the Family Flea Market—a special weekend during our July kid’s week for trading/buying/selling out-grown kids’ paddling gear.

For updates resource our website www.endlessriveradventures.com and our kids-specific blog, www.endlessriveradventures.com/blog2.