The University of Tennessee-Knoxville was the first stop on our 2008 College Outdoor Program Tour. And it was a great time!!

 Thursday Night Kayak Session at the Univ of TN


Every stop we make on our Tour plays out differently as far as what our role is. With some universities/colleges, the night is all about throwing out the whole collection of Wave Sport boats and letting experienced boaters who show up go and just demo all night.  For other programs, we work hands-on with the students who come to learn something about kayaking.  At other pool nights we spend some time with the student leaders, sharing tips on teaching.  It all depends on the program.

If you are a paddling addict…and college is on the agenda, UT-Knoxville should definitely be on your short list.  The University has three Olympic-sized pools, a super-supportive administration, and an awesome group of leaders for the outdoor program.  So with this group of whitewater enthusiasts our role was to throw the boats out for playing, and toss out some ideas about teaching for the group to take and use as they please.  Ken Sharing A Few Trade Secrets with the Vols Boss

The University of TN-Knoxville was a great way to kick off our tour. We sure enjoyed the hospitality.  Next stop…Virginia!


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