Kayaking builds a bond within families, says ERA, and to encourage this, our 2008 paddling season will focus on family involvement in kayaking.� �Our goal has always been to make our program accessible to families,promises Juliet Kastorff, one of ERA’s instructors, �and this year it will be our priority. From the rivers we use, to the approach we take to teaching, ERA strives to make families feel comfortable learning to paddle�individually and as a family. One of the most exciting results of this has been the increase in family teams who have joined us for international trips in Costa Rica of Ecuador.The 2008 season has a remarkable line up of activities for our young friends, including:

  • Instruction for the whole family with our hand-picked group of instructors
  • Expanding our line-up of kids size paddling gear
  • Hosting a special family flea market to be held during our annual July kids week.

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